I Just want to read ebooks with you.

  • 1. Step OneGo to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ There is also a link under “Required Software” atfresno.lib.overdrive.com
  • 2. Step Two Click “Launch” to begin installing Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  • 3. Step Three A message will appear to make sure you want to install the application – click “Install” to begin
  • 4. Step Four Click “Yes” to begin the download and install ADE
  • 5. Step Five Select the elements you want to install, then click “Next”
  • 6. Step Six Click “Install” to install the program to your hard drive
  • 7. Step Seven Click “Close” to finish the installation process
  • 8. Step Eight Click “I Agree” to accept the Terms of Use and launch ADE
  • 9. Step NineClick “Continue” to start the Setup Assistant
  • 10. Step Ten Select get an Adobe ID onlineYou need an active email address to complete the Adobe ID process.
  • 11. Step Select “Create an …” and complete the form (tip:Account” complete red asterisks items only to save time)
  • 12. Step Return to Adobe Digital Editions to activate with your new Adobe ID and password.
  • 13. Step ThirteenClick “Finished” and you’re ready to useAdobe Digital Editions!
  • 14. YOU DID IT! Open Adobe Digital EditionsThe main screen will display – the menu on the left willshow your books once you download them.

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