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August 12, 2012, 11:02 P.M. New York local time — Amazon might launch the new Kindle Fire 2, discontinues a Kindle variant today. Also, the retail giant is reportedly planning same-day shipping that might lure more customers.

Can Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 outsell the Nexus 7 by offering a same-day delivery method?

Same-day shipping is one of the ways to lure more customers, and Amazon, the online retail giant, is reportedly planning to launch its own to compete with Ebay that is currently testing the shipping model in SanFran.

The plan was first reported by Financial Times last month, and Amazon’s CFO Tom Szkutak indirectly denied the report by saying that the company “don’t really see a way to do same-day delivery on a broad scale economically.”

As reported by Investors.com, analysts believe that Amazon wants speedier delivery method to lure more online buyers. S&P Capital IQ equity analyst Michael Souers tells the news site that “Amazon was just pushing back on speculation that anything was going to happen in the near term.”

It is also possible that Amazon will initially launch the same-day delivery in select cities and states to test its effectiveness.

Also, Amazon is reportedly launching a new tablet computer this year, the Kindle Fire 2, and to lure buyers, they must find a way to distribute the product faster to maximize its potential. For starters, the Kindle Fire was designed for “consumption” of Amazon’s products and services like the company’s Amazon Prime and Instant Video services, music store and Kindle e-books store, etc.

In short, More Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire 2 users would allow the online retail giant to generate more revenue in movie and tv show sales or rental and other services.

Speaking of the unannounced Kindle Fire 2, Amazon silently discontinues the Kindle e-ink keyboard WiFi product today. According to a report posted by The Verge, the Kindle Keyboard WiFi disappeared in the Kindle products page with no press release or notification coming from the Seattle-based retail giant. In addition, the Kindle Touch 3G is currently unavailable whilst the Kindle Touch WiFi-only model is sporting the three to five days shipping delay.

Rumor has it that Amazon will launch the Kindle Fire 2 this month with other Kindles in tow. The new Kindle Fire 2, reportedly with smaller 7-inch model and a larger 10.1-inch variant, will compete with Google’s new Nexus 7 Android tablet and the rumored iPad Mini of Apple inc.


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