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Only the first-generation Kindle accepts SD cards.

The Kindle reader comes with enough space to store dozens of e-books, newspapers, magazines and other media files. If you are running out of space and you don’t want to delete any of your content, you may think about adding an SD card for extra storage. Unfortunately, only the first-generation Kindle allows you to install an SD card; this model supports SD cards up to 4GB.

Items you will need

  • SD card (4GB maximum)

Step 1

Power off the Kindle and turn it over so that you are looking at the back cover.

Step 2

Press down firmly on the back cover and slide it to the right to remove it.

Step 3

Locate the SD card slot on the right side of the Kindle.

Step 4

Slide the SD card into the Kindle’s card slot with the logo facing up and the gold-colored contacts facing down. Push the card in until you feel and hear it click into place.

Step 5

Place the cover back on the Kindle and slide it to the left to lock it in place.

Step 6

Turn on the Kindle. The new SD card is detected automatically.


  • You can use the Kindle’s Content Manager to move items between the Kindle’s memory and the SD card. To do this, launch Content Manager from the home screen, select the items you wish to transfer, and then choose “Menu.” Choose “Move to SD Memory Card” or “Move to Kindle Memory.” The files will transfer to the destination immediately.


  • The process described in this article only applies to first-generation Kindles.

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